Valentina Startari Foto & Grafica non vuole essere un classico studio fotografico.

Per noi è importante conoscere i miei sposi per poterli accompagnare al meglio, nei loro momenti più belli. Riuscendo così a cogliere ciò che di più importante ed emozionante accade.


fotografo artistico

About me

Here are some lines to tell you how I became an artistic photographer in Amalfi Coast. I was born and raised in Reggio Calabria, a city that I love and that inspired great part of my photoshoots. Since childhood, the love for art has characterized my growth. And in fact, I attended an art school and got a degree in “Architecture” and one in “Preservation of Architectural Assets”, both achieved with full marks. Thanks to my studies I’ve matured solid knowledge in composition, study of the lights and graphic techniques. The many hours spent observing the works of the great masters of arte, instilled in me a desire to capture the emotions and feelings I felt, thus leading me to discover the art of photography and the dream to become an artistic photographer.

Art is what goes beyond the eye and wins the Heart

I moved in Campania to follow love. Here, I opened my studio in the province of Salerno, a few steps from the Amalfi Coast. My dream was to create a real laboratory in which to bring out my photographic art. That’s why I studied, attended courses and workshops, experimented and worked for many years. I’ve been living and breathing the world of photography, bringing out my personal style that combines reportage photography and artistic photography. Nowadays, I continue to follow my passion by continuing to experiment different styles and techniques, trying to convey emotions through my photographic art. I call myself a real artistic wedding photographer.

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My Philosophy

My photography aims at capturing the most important moments in a different and more intense way. The prerogative is to establish a good relationship with my clients, in order to catch every aspect, experiencing the event with the great sensitivity typical of female eyes.

The Artistic Photographer

The difference between two great photographers is neither in their equipment or experience. What makes a photo a work of art is what the artist is able to feel and transmit through her talent. As Ansel Adams says: “You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved”. Today I’m an artistic wedding photographer in Amalfi Coast who has made her work her greatest passion.

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On our websites you can find out what our clients think of us as an artistic photographer. You’ll find only positive reviews, because when you work with your heart and passion as we do, the result can only be the best.

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